The new play and excursion arena

at 2,350m

What can you look forward to with us in summer?

At the Ochsenlacke near the Mooseralm in the Brunnalm ski area of ​​St. Jakob i. D. there is a brand new, special destination for the whole family.


... slide, climb, orient, jump, climb ...

The guardians of the mountain water resources

Anura, the Frog

  • Aussichtskanzel
  • Swing
  • Feel
  • Overcome multiple levels


Cinni, the dipper

  • Slip
  • bob
  • Durchkrichen

Uro, the mountain newt

  • Leap
  • Cross
  • Crawl


Salmo, the brown trout

  • Balance
  • Climb
  • Durchkriechen
  • Swing

Odo, the dragonfly

  • Climb
  • Navigate
  • Climbing on nets
  • dumbbells


Viewing platform

Right on the ridge to the little Leppleskofel. It represents the ark in which the keepers of the mountain water resources are stranded on the ox paintwork. The viewing platform provides a spectacular view of the Deferegger mountains.